EverFlo™ Stationary Oxygen Concentrator
Please check with your local Respironics Representative to find out if this product is available for purchase in your country. EverFlo Oxygen Concentrator

The smaller, Lighter, EverFlo Oxygen concentrator from Respironcis is making a big impression on providers and patients. Its sleek, ergonomic design makes EverFlo easier to store, move and carry than conventional concentrators. And it is one of the quietest and most energy efficient devices available today. With no filter for patients to maintain, a durable metal oxygen outlet, and fewer moving parts than other concentrators, EverFloTM is designed to deliver consistent, trouble-free operation.

With 3 different versions, the EverFlo series aims at responding at the different reimbursement policies and market needs constraints:

  • A standard Version with high oxygen concentration, 295 W power consumption at all flow rates, and noise level below 43db

  • A lower power version for UK, 270W up to 3lpm and 280W up to 5lpm for ownership cost reduction at the patient and dealer levels

  • And a quieter device below 40db