EverFlo™ Oxygen Concentrator
Half the Size, Half the Weight, Same exceptional performance
  • Small size and low weight for ease of transport for both patients and providers

  • Easy to clean sleek cabinet

  • Recessed flow meter

  • Durable Metal O2 outlet

  • Wide grip handle maximizes comfort and easy transport

  • Oxygen Percentage Indicator(OPI®) measures the oxygen output, indicating if service is needed

  • Universal humidifier hold on the top of the concentrator for easier installation for the patient

  • No filter to change for 2 years to reduce routine maintenance and no filter maintenance required for patient

  • Integrated Thomas™ compressor, designed specifically for the Everflo
Features Benefits to Homecare Provider
Small Size, 14 Kg Weight Reduces Operating Cost
  • Less Shipping Cost
  • Less Storage Cost
  • Fewer Worker Injuries
Low Provider Maintenance
  • No Filter Change for 2 Years
Lower Cost-of-Ownership
  • Less Routine Maintenance
  • Fewer Repairs/Replacements
Patient-Friendly Design
  • No Patient Filter
  • Easy-to-Connect Humidifier
  • Quiet (<43 dbA)
  • Uses Less Electricity (290 Watts)
  • Compact: easy to move in the home
  • Non-Medical Design
  • Less Heat
  • Up to 15 meters tubing
  • 14Kg and small size (53l)
Reduces Cost of Patient-Related Product Support
  • Fewer Calls
  • Fewer Complaints
  • Fewer Unscheduled Visits
  • Increased patient satisfaction = more patients
  • No need to install another concentrator when patients leave for vacation: can easily bring it in their car
Durable Design
  • Recessed Flow Meter
  • Metal Cannula Connector
  • Strong Plastic Casing
  • Fewer Parts
  • Proven Sieve Bed and PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption Technology)
Lower Cost-of-Ownership
  • Less Repairs
  • Fewer Replacements
  • Reduced Accidental Breakage